Déjà Vu

About Déjà Vu:

Deja Vu - Spring-driven kinetic wall sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works.

Déjà Vu is what you refer to when you think you have experienced something before. Did you think, “This reminds me of something” or “I think I’ve seen something like this before” when you first viewed this kinetic sculpture?  If this was your reaction as you viewed this dynamic pattern you probably have been following my work for many years. I first created a sculpture that generated this type of “inside-out” pattern in 2005 called Illusion, again in a smaller form in 2007 with Radiance and finally with Shimmer in 2009. As you can tell I like exploring this pattern in all its variations.  You can see recurring themes in my work over the past four decades and this optical effect is one. It seemed fitting that I take another look at it while incorporating all the new ideas for long running mechanisms I’ve discovered in the past 10 years, especially those from the Kindala series.

The result of combining a classic wheel with a recent mechanism design is Déjà Vu, a large sculpture that runs for more than 2 days. The intricate 15 spoked wheels rotate slowly primarily in the opposite direction. There is a shifting of speeds resulting in patterns that seem to have a slow pulse. This optical pattern continues to mesmerize viewers and never grows old. This sculpture has two winding mechanisms and makes slight wood on wood clicking sounds.

How to Wind Déjà Vu:

Detail Photos of Déjà Vu:

Deja Vu detail view. Kinetic wall sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works
Deja Vu detail view of lower assembly. Kinetic wall sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works

Déjà Vu on display in David's studio along side of Silver Symphony.

Deja Vu kinetic wall sculpture by David C. Roy in a room setting. Wood That WOrks