Variation Surf

• Limited Edition of 9 
• Size: 50"h x 52"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 15 Hours  
• Variation Surf © 2004
• Sold Out
Variation-Surf Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Variation Surf


First Variation-Water, now Variation-Surf, it seems that 2004 is turning into "wet" design year! That wasn't my intention, it is just the way the sculptures turned out.

It has been a goal of mine to bring more color into my work. Variation-Surf is the first limited edition sculpture I've done that incorporates color as part of the patterning. The color is actually a high grade, tough, color fast paper. It provides another texture as well as the color that I find appealing. I'm very pleased with the result and the new world of possibilities it opens up. I can install different color panels to suit the mood of the room where it is to be installed.

The Variation series is the result of my continued exploration in the world of kinetic patterns created by six overlapping wheels that orbit a common center. Each orbiting form is designed to hold a particular orientation by rotating in the opposite direction from its orbital motion. I first "discovered" this kaleidoscopic effect in my sculpture called Rhapsody,, took it a step further with Quark Cotillion and got serious about exploring this effect with the Variation series. Surf is the fifth sculpture in this series.