Limited Edition of 24  •  Size: 54"h x 56"w x 6.5"d  •  Run Time: 14 Hours 
Rhapsody © 1998 • Edition Sold Out • Rhapsody Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Rhapsody


Rhapsody is a breakthrough sculpture incorporating a dramatically new type of patterning that I "discovered" while playing on the computer. Each wedge shaped piece is balanced so that its orientation remains fixed in space. The six wedges are attached to a common wheel and allowed to rotate freely so each will retain its unique orientation regardless of the motion of the carrying wheel. This carrying wheel is rotated several revolutions in the clockwise direction, slows, and reverses to rotate back several turns. The continuously unfolding kaleidoscopic patterning that results is hypnotic and fascinating.

The patterning part of the sculpture is powered by a double negator spring mechanism that keeps the motion going for nearly 14 hours of silent, captivating enchantment.


"I purchased Rhapsody at the Dallas Galleria on May 22, 1999. It's #16. We moved to San Angelo eight years ago, and Rhapsody #16 is on our dining room wall and on this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu-ruiyLnF4 It's still fascinating us and our guest. Thank you, David Adams"