Variation Fire


• Limited Edition of 6  

• Size: 50"h x 52"w x 7"d  

• Run Time: 16 Hours  

• Variation Fire © 2003

• Sold Out

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About Variation Fire

The Variation series is the result of my continued exploration in the world of kinetic pattering created by six overlapping wheels that orbit a common center. Each orbiting form is designed to hold a particular orientation by rotating in the opposite direction from its orbital motion.  I first "discovered" this kaleidoscopic effect in my sculpture calledRhapsody and took it a step further with Quark Cotillion. This time around I've found 3 different kaleidoscopic patterns that excite me and remind me of various elements of nature. I'm going to produce this sculpture as a series with a common mechanism but different kaleidoscopic patterning wheels. The series will start with three different designs, Variation-WindVariation-Stars and Variation-Fire. Each sculpture in the series will be individually numbered.

Variation-Fire reminded me of watching the flames dance and flicker in a campfire.