• Limited Edition of 75  
• Size: 48"h x 42"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 25.-3 Hours  
• Reflections © 1993
• Sold Out
Reflections Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Reflections


Floating bird-like motions are becoming a common theme of mine. I'm fascinated by the way a horizontal form carried by two off-axis wheels evokes the feeling of flight.

In Reflections, I've taken advantage of a smaller, more compact drive mechanism I designed last year to create a piece with two independent "flying" motions. Each "bird" follows its own path of motion, randomly spiraling, hovering, or floating up and down or side to side. When the spirit moves them, the birds move together like a synchronized flying team. At other times they follow one another through a series of complex maneuvers and then totally lose it and do their own thing for a while!


Comments via website:

   • "We are a very proud owner of the Reflections piece, #20 of 75 in this collection. We have made it apart of our home, actually designing a space specifically for it at the entry of our home. It is always a point of interest from the young (that have fallen asleep watching the movement) to the older who are amazed at its "working" beauty. Thank you so much for the craftsmanship and beauty of this art." 4.7.09 C&A D.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about how much you enjoy Reflections. One of the joys we get is watching other people react to David's work.
Continue enjoying! Marji

• "I remember the first time I saw your kenetic sculptures at the West End Mall in Dallas in 1993. I fell in love with the movements of "Reflections" and found that I couldn't get the piece out of my head. A year passed and I was still thinking about it. I contacted the Mall, described the sculptures, and asked for the store that carried them, hoping it and the sculptures were still there. After describing "Reflections" to the sales person, I had them ship it to our home in Chicago. I purchased it as an anniversary present (for our 17th) and we have enjoyed it ever since." J.P. 6/9/11