• Limited Edition of 15  
• Size: 56"h x 62"w x 12"d  
• Run Time: 12 Hours  
• Migration © 2002
• Available through galleries only
Migration Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Migration


Migration is a blend of simple forms and complex motion.

The primary action of Migration takes place in the upper portion of the sculpture. The central carrier arm supports and drives the two smaller carrier arms through a spring moderated ratchet mechanism. Each of the smaller carrier arms have 2 "circle bird" forms attached. The bird forms are free to rotate but balanced to stay more or less horizontal. 

The motion created is a dynamic mix of sweeping arcs and frozen forms. At times all 4 bird forms will move in a synchronized dance and at other times one pair will appear to freeze in place while the other pair moves to its own music. Each of the "birds" picks up some of the motion and will gently rock back and forth at times.

The lower portion of the sculpture is the power source. It is a double drive system of belts and pulleys powered by two constant force springs. A small burst of torque is generated each time the upper portion of the sculpture slows down and starts reversing. The sculpture will run for just over 12 hours on a full wind of both springs.