Kindala - Forest

  • Limited Edition of 24 • Size: 42" w x 49 " h x 6 "d • Approx. Run Time: 48+ hours

  • Kindala - Forest © 2017 • Edition Sold Out

  • Kindala - Forest Directions

About Kindala - Forest

Kindala Forest by David C. Roy of Wood That Works 2017

I've been exploring the concept of wall mounted kaleidoscopic and moiré patterns (sans color) since I introduced a sculpture called Kaleidoscope in 1979. Kindala Forest is my latest and I think most successful attempt to capture the essence of the evolving radial patterns one sees when they turn the ring on a kaleidoscope. 

I started working on this concept a year ago and introduced the first two versions in December 2016, Kindala Sun and Kindala Shadow. These are simpler versions featuring just the circular pattern wheels. The spring driven mechanism is located behind the wheels. This arrangement works well but limits the run time to about 8 hours and limits my control over the pace of the pattern changes. 

For Kindala Forest I moved the power and winding part of the mechanism away from the pattering wheels into a 3-wheel 2-spring arrangement. This allows me to more than quadruple the amount of stored spring energy while giving me more control over torque. Using this arrangement I am able to more precisely tune the changing patterns and the resultant runtime exceeded my expectations. This is my first "2 day" sculpture! 

Detail Photos of Kindala-Forest

Kindala Forest by David C. Roy 2.jpg
Kindala - Forest detail by David C. Roy
Kindala- Forest detail photo by David C. Roy of Wood That Works

Why Kindala?

Kindala is a made up word I created by combining Mandala and kinetic. I thought this series needed a distinctive moniker. Every design has a circular design like a mandala and they all move but each has visual distinctions in the wheel design or power structure.