Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 30”h x 25”w x 7”d  •  Runtime 12 Hours

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Fiesta Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Fiesta


Fiesta Kinetic Sculpture by David C. RoyFiesta started out as a completely different sculpture. My original idea was to experiment with a strong optical patterning piece that used the mechanism I developed for Journey. I knew I wanted two patterning wheels moving in opposite directions and one had to be a double wheel in order to make the mechanism work. I drew up the wheels and played with different shapes and wheel color combinations. I grew very excited with simple partial spiral curves and the dark-light-dark color combination. It made a dotted spiral pattern that I hadn't seen before.

I built the first prototype. It worked well and I lived with it in the studio for a few months. Eventually I came to the conclusion that although the mechanism worked well enough it didn't really show the patterning well. It was too random.

Back to the drawing board! This time I drew up a sculpture using a "Radiance" type mechanism using the new patterning wheels. I knew that this mechanism created a constantly shifting but more regular patterning and had a long run time.

I built another prototype and it worked out as I had hoped. I've been living with it for several months and still smile when I come into the room where the sculpture is moving.

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Fiesta kinetic wall sculpture by David Roy in a room setting• "wonderful :) and trippy :P" - 2-12-09 rbarbhuiyan

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• "This piece is absolutely fascinating - harmonious, elegantly artistic and a wonderful feat of engineering. First saw this in a shop while visiting in New Orleans & fell in love with it. Saving up my bucks to eventually get it!" 6.5.12 D.D.

• "So trippy, I love it!" 11.10.11 asdf - Germany

• "Very majestic and beautiful. It would enlighten any room that it was placed in. I know what I am going to save up for..." - 8.6.11 - K.H.

• " Nice and like as scientific as Leonardo's drawings" - 1.1.11 - Sowmen

• " It's really afair price for a piece of art like that! I wish I had money to buy it. It is so beautiful, I just can't stare away from the screen...Mezmerizing art of motion! Thanks for creating that!" - 2.6.10 - J.P. Quebec, Canada

• "Installed Fiesta #1 on wall of log home. Looks great! Very mesmerizing. Love David's work! Ordered Shimmer, too." -11.30.09 -CB - Maryland

• "I love this one, its reminds me of Radiance. the first piece I bought, so I guess I'm biased." -2.25.09 -BD

• "This is Vasarely in motion!"
-5.1.09 -anon.

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• "This is amazing.... Great work. And thx for the in depth explanation :" -4-9-09 - Wyseur