Limited Edition of 36 • Size: 49" w x 57" h x 10.5" d • Approximate Run Time: 10 Hours

About Dance:

Dance Kinetic sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works ©2019

The interaction of two “bird” forms that are both linked and independent has fascinated me for years. I’ve written about the technical aspects of similar sculptural studies in pages for my sculptures Frolic and Gemini. The mechanism controlling “The Dance” is a further refinement of these so I thought for the comments on this new sculpture I’d explore a little further afield. 

A sculpture (or any artwork) can be a gateway to daydreams and imagination. With Dance the journey seems to start the same each time. The semi-abstract bird forms become birds gliding and frolicking in warm summer breezes. As I continue to observe the motion, my imagination takes hold. I can see the motion as a visualization of the design process I often follow. The birds represent different design ideas I’ve been playing with. Sometimes they mesh and a problem is solved or a new idea hatches but often they just continue chasing each other and playing. I love creating because many times it’s just a daydream. 

The thoughts can also turn more personal, reminding me of friends and loved ones who come and go but always remain connected, performing life’s dance. Marji and I began 50 years ago with a surprise kiss followed by a spinning dance, twirling independently but always staying connected. The connections grew stronger and the dance continues. I wonder if there is a new sculpture to be created to include children and grandchildren. Probably too complex but fun to daydream about. 

Back to the real world. This mechanism makes a soft clicking turn once per revolution of the the entire motion assembly. The assembly gradually loses momentum and the mechanism is engaged to give it a push. The click from this is a bit louder but still a quiet background sound. I have created a video with no background music in an attempt to demonstrate the sounds. They are subtle so turn the volume up. 

Installing Dance:

Dance is larger than many of my sculptures ( space requirements - 49” w x 57” h) and would look best in a location with a higher ceiling.

Dance kinetic sculpture room view. By David C. Roy of Wood That Works

Dance has two springs for winding. It runs about 15 hours per winding.

Dance - David Winding.jpg