One-of-a-kind  •  Size: 61"h x 53"w x 8"d  •  Run Time: 10 Hours 
Cumulus © 2010 •  Sold  •  Cumulus Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Cumulus


This sculpture is called Cumulus because the final form reminds me of the large puffy clouds we see often in the summer.

I didn't start out with the idea of creating a cloud form sculpture. I wanted to create a sculpture with two independent but connected floating forms that would interact visually. I started working with the "bird" shapes I've used in previous floating motion pieces like Journey and Falcon but found I wanted more overlap events to happen so the simple horizontal bird curve evolved into a horizontal curve inside a large circle. This heavier "bird" form required a shape with considerably more mass to balance it. I played with lots of shapes before settling on the arc of rings. I liked what I was seeing in the interaction between the ring forms and how it complimented the more unpredictable motion of the circular birds. It wasn't until I had actually built the sculpture that I saw the cloud connection.

The lower left hand part of the sculpture is where the power is stored in a pair of constant force springs. All of the lower assembly wheels only move when the main motion part of the sculpture needs a push. The actual moment of the push comes when the entire motion assembly stops moving in a clockwise direction and starts to reverse. This triggers the mechanism to give it a push to restart the sequence.

Comments via Website:

• I own Tangle.... But this is one of the nicest I have seen you produce. Still like my Tangle the best of all. - 8.31.10 - Tim Boone

• Brilliant new scupture! I love clouds and constantly take photos of them as I am flying during my travels. I saw the image immediately. - 8.31.10 - Shirley Mullally - Memphis, TN