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Sea Frolic

Runtime: Approx 12 hours
Price: $10,000
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Purchasing Notes:

We try to keep some sculptures on hand for immediate delivery but aren't always successful. Contact us to find out about current availability.

Phone (860) 341-1234


General Ordering Information:

Follow this link for additional general ordering information including shipping, international sales, and availability.


Ordering Process:

• Clicking on the To Order link by each sculpture will bring you to an order form from which you can order or just ask questions about ordering.
• Complete the form with your order or questions. This does not commit you to an order.
• You will receive an automatic acknowledgement email right away.
• We will contact you in the next day or so to discuss the availability of the kinetic sculpture and time frame for delivery.
• If this meets with your approval, we will send a secure online invoice or a paypal invoice. We will request a 25% deposit to reserve a sculpture that needs to be built. Payment of this invoice finalizes the order.
• We will send you an email confirmation and receipt at the time the deposit payment is processed.