• Limited Edition of 150 
• Size: 35"h x 35"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 2 Hours  
• Tapestry © 1999 
• Sold Out
Tapestry Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Tapestry


Tapestry weaves intricate patterns of motion with the simplest mechanism I have designed. This is a refined version of the mechanism I first designed for the sculpture Wings. The off-balance wheels rotate in opposite directions until they lose their momentum and reverse direction. At this point a small, spring driven ratchet mechanism is engaged and starts the wheels spinning in opposite directions. The patterns of motion that result depend on the relative motion of the wheels just before they get their kick from the mechanism.


Comments from the Website:

• "David: Your kinetic/dynamic pieces seem to me to be dynamic mandalas - hypnotic. I don't know how tied to wood, but if some or most of the visible components of your pieces were translucent or transparent plexiglass would probably be too heavy and trickier to makes parts from, you could add another effect to your pieces. Where a yellow component passes over or under a blue component, the overlap would appear green, adding another visual area / pattern to the piece. Just throwing out an idea. I do woodturning and became frustrated with the fact that the creation of a piece is a very dynamic process - but the result is static. So I found ways to incorporate actual movement using micro-robots you can get at Radio Shack, ball and socket swivel joints for pendulum type motion and doing turnings that have low primariy but high secondary stability (Super Egg/Hyper Ellipsoid) and something as simple as stringing a piece on monofilament line to let it slide around or swing like a hammock."  2.14.10 - C.B. - San Francisco

DCR: I have worked with color transparencies before but like the combination of wood and machines.  The color effect required back lighting and electricity which take away from the concept. 

• "We are interested in knowing the price for tapestry? and when it would be available? "  2.13.10 - c.g

DCR: Thank you for asking about the price and availability of Tapestry. Unfortunately the limited edition of Tapestry has been sold out for some time. I don't know where any may be purchased.

I have two newer sculptures that use a similar mechanism, Sky Dance and Matrix. You might want to take a look at those. I'll also add your name to the email notification list so you'll be among the first to know when I add new sculptures to the site.