Sea Frolic

  • One-of-a-kind  •  Size: 44" w x 60 " h x 24 "d  •  Approx. Run Time: 8 hours
  • SOLD  •  Sea Frolic © 2016 
  • Sea Frolic Directions (not yet available)

About Sea Frolic

Sea Frolic Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works

Sea Frolic is the third iteration of the  "bird" design that started with Sky Duet.  Sky Duet shows the "dance" of 2 bird forms and their associated carrying wheels or "clouds" side by side on a wall. A fairly natural extension of this view was "stacking" the mechanisms one in front of the other to see what that would evolve. 

This required a freestanding structure so Sea Frolic was born. Of course what seemed a simple idea became more interesting. I found I didn't like the patterns when one set of carrying wheels was directly in front of the other so I shifted them off a few inches. This made the drive mechanism far more complicated so I completely redesigned it and ended up with a new much simpler mechanism. As one thing leads to another this mechanism concept became instrumental in making the Kindala series possible. 

When I look back and write about my design process the ideas seem to flow naturally from one to the next. But when I remember what actually happened I see the fits and starts, wrong turns and start overs. Only in hindsight does it all pull together and the path becomes obvious. 

And once the piece emerges from the design process I search for a name. It isn’t hard to see the pair of birds playing just above the breaking waves.

Detail Photos of Sea Frolic

Sea Frolic Kinetic Sculpture by David Roy 2016
Detail Sea Frolic Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy 2016