Limited Edition of 95  •  48”h x 38”w x 8”d
  •  Run Time: 10 hours

Price: $1995.00 •  Edition Sold Out  •  Quandary ©2009

Quandary Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Quandary 

It seems that my current common design theme is try, try again. I started work on this sculpture well over a year ago. I wanted to build a Variation-type sculpture but with four satellite wheels instead of six. Working with four wheels allowed me to have more overlap between the wheels and create completely new patterns. This worked well in my test animations and early prototype.

My first quandary was that I could create two different and interesting patterns using the same satellite wheels placed in different positions. I couldn't decide which pattern I preferred. Eventually I realized that I was the only one with this problem. Everyone else had a definite preference.

Photo Credit: D. CarlstonMy second quandary was the mechanism. The first one I designed was too complex to operate and moved the sculpture in too regular a motion. I tried several approaches but nothing was right. Finally, I decided to try what I call a "fall back" type of mechanism where the motion proceeds in one direction until it runs out of momentum and then "falls" back and gets another push forward. Much to my surprise this was the answer. The extra rocking motion this mechanism introduced to the satellite wheels gave the sculpture the "life" that I had been looking for. It was also far simpler to make and operate and even ran longer than my original mechanism. 

For more detail with animations see this Quandary blog post.

Comments via YouTube:

• I developed a visual language (something like Hieroglyphics). In my language, the straight lines in your sculpture looks like the symbol for "action" and the circle is the symbol for "eternity." Put them together, and you have "eternal action" or even "perpetual motion." Is this a coincidence, or is it the collective unconscious???? 10.8.12 - Natyboops

• "What an absolutely beautiful and hypnotic sculpture. I discovered your work accidentally, but now you have a fan. I must own one of your pieces some day."  10.14.10 - PaulRayIsMe

• "Dude! You are out of control. Bravo! Keep it up."  2.2.10 - TJ - California 

• "Awesome Davcroy. Very beautiful."  2.14.09 - ftb2007  

Comments via website:

• "It's been a long, long time since I've wanted something this badly:)" 3.2.12 - P.B.

• "This peice is awesome, it is absolutely beautiful." 10.14.11 - Tiffany

• "Without question the most interesting artwork I have ever seen truly amazing" 7.20.11 - Mike

• Quiet sophistication - my second Roy piece and i love it! Something exciting about how this piece morphs into different shapes while constantly contracting and expanding - almost looks like a flock of birds flying in alternating directions....4.30.11 - J.K.

•  "I really wish I had that right now. My house to me has the lack of movement in every room. This would be a very nice thing to put in my house. It is very hard to figure out a shape that would be balanced on every side too. (I tried to, it is VERY hard.)" 7.22.10 - A.V.

• "Quandary is the best yet! I really love this one."2.24.09 - dn43il   

• "Its gorgeous.. I love the movements of the circles." 2.25.09 - BD