• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 25"h x 20"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 1.5 Hours  
• Glimpse © 1996 
• Sold Out
Glimpse Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Glimpse


Glimpse is a patterning sculpture. The two large wheels rotate rapidly in opposite directions, slow down, stop, and reverse directions. The rapid rotation of the wheels visually melds them together for a brief illusion of a single wheel with an undulating rim and radiating spokes. 

The rest of the sculpture is composed of the mechanism that powers and controls the patterning wheels. It also has a lot of motion. The "arms" move up and down pulling on woven nylon strings that run over pulleys on the patterning wheels and are then attached to spools on the small reversing wheel. The arms are in turn pushed by small brass pins located on the pin wheel pulley. This pulley is powered by a black drive belt and drive wheel assembly. The energy for the motion is stored in a Negator spring attached to the drive wheel. The power for the sculpture ultimately comes from whoever has the opportunity to wind the sculpture. A single winding will keep the piece in motion for about 1.5 hours.