• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 47"h x 31"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 4 Hours  
• Geppetto © 2000
• Sold Out
• Geppetto Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Geppetto


Geppetto is a nostalgic piece. I’ve combined the patterning wheel and mechanism concept from a 1986 sculpture called Puppeteer with what I’ve learned in the ensuing 14 years. The resultant new sculpture is larger, runs longer and I think looks better but still has the strong optical patterning effect of the older design.

The “arms” at the top of the sculpture are counter-weighted by long “legs” that frame the left side of the piece. The arms pull on strings that cause the patterning wheels to rotate in opposite directions. This creates a strong moiré effect that appears to grow and shrink.