• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 36"h x 29"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 4 Hours  
• Fusion © 1999 
• Sold Out
Fusion Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Fusion


Fusion is another in the line of sculptures that started with Duet and Tango. The front-most wheels of the upper patterning mechanism rotate at a fairly constant but different rate in the same direction. The back wheel that carries them rotates several revolutions clockwise and then counter-clockwise. In Fusion I have built on what I learned from the earlier designs to make a more complex and deeper set of patterns. The darker oval forms perform one level of random dance while behind them the circular crescent forms perform another in lock step. The patterns of motion change constantly not only depending on the relative speeds and directions of the wheels but also on which set of wheels, light or dark, that you focus on.



My husband bought this in New York and took it back to the UK on the plane about 10 years ago. He knew I would love it. We both do and everyone admires it. Quite a few ask us how to tell the time from it! We put up in our new home yesterday, its fourth move, and every time it works perfectly with no trouble. Love to visit one day! 9.6.11 J.W. UK

"I've had Fusion since 1999 and I still love it." - 5.6.10 - Mike - Garland, Texas