Art in Motion by Lara Ehrlich

Marji and I were recently interviewed by Lara Ehrlich of Boston University for a piece in their spring edition of the College of Arts and Sciences magazine. I have a degree in Physics from BU (CAS ’74) and they discovered one of their alum was doing something a little on the weird side. She wrote a wonderful piece that I think captures the essence of our 40 year career with Wood That Works. We also spent a day with the photographer Pat Piasecki, and another with videographers Joe Chan and Jason Kimball. We had a lot of fun talking with Lara and working with the entire BU team as they put together the article and two videos. Here are some links to the article and videos.

Read the article here.

How it all began........

How to Make a Kinetic Sculpture



Infinity is here!

A new sculpture has just been added to the Wood That Works line. I have been working on it, refining it and living with it for a long time. The resulting motion is filled with subtle variations that keep it interesting. It is always a challenge to show the depth of variation in a short video. So I made two. The first is the quick 2 minute variety including detail shots. But then I also created an extended video for those that like to explore the variations that happen over time. Check them out!

The short version is first.........

Followed by the long version.....

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