Anthony Howe • Kinetic Wind Sculptor

We first saw the work of Anthony Howe at the DeCordova Museum in nearby Lincoln, MA. They have a wonderful sculpture garden and his piece Rooster Rings was on loan. It was a wonderful piece. Colossal recently did a post on new work by Mr. Howe and we were again captivated. In Cloud Light is a visual fountain of water, with no water. 


In Cloud Light by Anthony Howe, Stainless Steel, 224"h x 104" w x 52"d


In Cloud Light is constructed of Stainless steel and stands 224" tall. His work is designed for outdoor installation and relies on the breeze for power. He, like David, incorporates optical effects to create hidden patterns, but in a very different application and material.

Octo by Anthony Howe, Stainless Steel, 204"h x 48" w x 20"d


In-Out quotient by Anthony Howe, Stainless Steel, 78"h x 76" w x 36"d