Frolic • a New Design Takes Flight

David has just introduced a new sculpture edition. He has revisited the mesmerizing yet peaceful motion of flight combined with a touch of playfulness in "Frolic".

David developed a new ratchet system which allows for the sculpture to be very, very quiet, almost silent but not quite. He has again added music to the video because he discovered a new on line source for royalty free classical music!  

Frolic Technical Details:

Limited Edition of 95 - Signed and Numbered
Size: Can vary but basic dimensions are
Power Source - constant Force Spring
Run Time - Approximately 9 hours per winding

Frolic is composed of two base pieces, one is the spring and power source and the other is the motion. There is a degree of flexibility in how these are mounted on the wall which allows for Frolic fitting into many different spaces well. It works in a room with high ceilings as well as one wit normal 8 foot ceilings.

Frolic is on display (along with lots of other sculptures) in David's studio/gallery which is open by appointment. Click here for more information on visiting. 

He will be crafting the first group during September and they will be ready for shipping at the beginning of October. He is taking orders now. Click here for more information on ordering. There are additional photographs and details on the Frolic webpage here.