Kinetic Whimsey • Complex Corkscrew


I just have to share this with you here on David's blog. I expect you folks will appreciate the complexity and humor of this incredible machine.  

Yesterday, I got drawn into the Automata Blog by Dug North yet again (visit if you never have - great stuff!) and he had a post about this entertaining machine by artist Rob Higgs. It is the most elaborate (and heavy) corkscrew you will ever encounter and the mechancial aspects are marvelous. in the UK has created an interesting video of it in action including interviews with the artist (who lives in an old boat) here but there are also several quicker YouTube versions showng the machine in action as well.

David continues to make kinetic sculptures with the sole function of entertaining the viewer through motion with an appreciation of simplicity in mechanical design. This corkscrew is directly opposite David's work in that it is an over-complex machine to perform a specific task. And it does so admirably well.

Certainly makes me smile! Enjoy.