The Kinetic Art of Willem van Weeghel

I recently have been found staring in total concetration at my computer screen as I watch a video of the work of Willem van Weeghel. van Weeghel of The Netherlands approaches kinetic sculpture from several different directions including both wall pieces and free-standing work but the piece that has captured my time is made up of simple lines. I am mezmerized by the unfolding patterns in his piece title "Dynamic Structure 29117 2007-2010".

Kinetic Art - Dynamic Structure 29117 2007-2010 from Willem van Weeghel on Vimeo.

The pace of the video and the pieces is rather slow but it is worth the wait. The geometry that unfolds from computer controlled lines as they move is fascinating and relaxing to watch. The precision is truly something. Here are a few screen shots of changing shapes.


It is made up of 32 independent moving lines that seem to be carefully choreographed. He defines his work in the following way.

Movement is the central means of expression in my work. The changing structures that appear move in the transitional area between chaos and order, between variability and uniformity, between volatility and consistency. As a reconciliation of opposites.

There are a variety of videos on vimeo showcasing his work.  If you got some time to spare, visit the site here and check them out.