Cognition Kinetic Sculpture in NYC


Yesterday, David and I delivered his large, mesmerizing, free-standing sculpture, Cognition to An American Craftsman Gallery in New York City.

An American Craftsman has been displaying David's work in NYC for 20 years but recently landed some additional gallery space right next door to the Whitney Museum of American Art on Madison Avenue.

If you live in the NYC area and missed the open house at David's studio you can visit the gallery to see this unique one-of-a-kind sculpture in motion. The gallery is located at 940 Madsion Ave. just above 74th Street.  Cognition is on display in the front window and because it operates for 24 hours on a single winding, will be moving through the night. That is important in the city that never sleeps!

The gallery had a great selection of fine American crafts in wood, ceramic, glass and metal in addition to David's work.


If you decide to visit NYC and the gallery, stop back here and let us know about your visit.  Just a heads up though - there is on street packing on the opposite side- 2 hours and empty on Saturday AM.  It is regulated with those charge card meter boxes on the corner and if you don't get back to your car quickly with your receipt in hand, you will get a ticket- voice of experience here!