Making Things Move • A Book for Artists


Yesterday I received one of those emails from Amazon suggesting products I might be interested in. There was a link to this book by Dustyn Roberts.

Making Things Move • DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists and Artists

How did this not cross my radar earlier and Oh My! How knowledgable Amazon is becoming.  

Dustyn Roberts teaches a course at NYU called "Mechanism and Things that Move" in the Interactive Telecommunications Department.  She explains in a video on Amazon that the course is for artists that have no engineering or mechanical back ground but want to make sculptures that move. Not only has she created this written resource, she has also started a blog site to support the book.  It includes a resource area to assist you in completing the various projects included in the book.  

David and I are very excited to see this book. Nearly everyday David receives emails from folks all over the globe wanting help in creating kinetic sculptures. David has tried through this blog and his website to share some of his knowledge and to provide resources for others that want to create. He strongly encourages other to experiment, play, observe motion. It was through those activities that David gained the understanding of motion required to create new ideas. Through the years David has come to realize that being a skilled kinetic sculptor doesn't guarantee that you will also be a skilled teacher. Although David is pleased to have so many take inspiration from is work, at this point in his career he doesn't have enough time to both be a kinetic sculptor and learn to be an effective teacher. He doesn't rule that out in the future.  But right now he is busy designing, building, and creating.  

If you are inspired to make things move, please visit David's links page. There is a plethora of resources to help you get started. And now I have added one more, Making Things Move by Dustyn Roberts.