Technology Extremes


David and I make extensive use of current technologies in both the sculpture world and our everyday lives. Sometimes we are taken by surprise when we discover not everyone is following. Case in point - Lick Log Mill Store.

 Lick Log Mill Store, located in Highland, North Carolina has been selling David's sculptures since 1987. We are always on the look out for mentions of David and his work on the Internet and were amazed when we stumbled on this blog post about Lick Log Mill Store.  We have never visited most of the galleries that have shown David's work so it's often fun to put a photo with a place. Karen and Chris Waldron at Lick Log pride themselves in not having a computer or using the Internet. Yet there is an enchanting write up about their store online at Karen and Chris have been delightful to work with over the years even though we've never exchanged an email. We remember when all our communication was that way.  Certainly a place worth visiting in the mountains up outside of Atlanta - but don't plan to order online.

You can see David's Quandary mounted on the back wall of the fascinating shop located at 4321 Dillard Road, Highlands, NC.