David at work...


David has been extremely busy over the past few weeks. He has been building the first full group of Silver Song kinetic sculptures, continuously plowing snow on our driveways, and working on a commission piece.  The large commission piece is for a private collector in Missouri and it has reached the operational stage which is always exciting. Soon David will be showing a video of it in motion. But for now here is still photo of David tinkering. I snapped this earlier this week when he need some help in the placement of the sculpture.


 This is a critical part of building every sculpture he creates and the portion that is impossible to explain.  He is always watching the sculpture - looking for little oddities, a wheel moving too slowly, a odd jerk, a clank, lack of balance. These are subtle things and hard for others to see.  It is David's attention to all these occurrences during the tinkering phase that makes a huge difference in the essence of the motion when done.

Here is another quick shot, this one from today after an additional 16 inches of snow. It is impacting studio time for sure!