Top Craft Shows in 2010

Craft shows have evolved by leaps and bounds since the 1970s when Wood That Works first entered the market. I haven't shown my kinetic sculptures at a craft fair since 1992 but Marji and I continue to visit many as collectors of fine American crafts. Not only do we love to create but we also like to collect and decorate with hand-crafted objects. Our favorite shows include the ACC show in Baltimore and the Paradise City shows in New England. Occassionally we hit some of the others if our travels coincide with a show. Each year American Style Magazine polls its readers to find out what the Top 10 [Craft] Fairs and Festivals are for the upcoming year. Here is the list for 2010:

1) Kentucky Crafted: The Market: Louisville, KY March 6-7

2) St. James Court Art Show: Louisvile, KY October 1-3

3) Paradise City Arts Festival: Northhamption, MA May 29-31 and October 9-11

4) Scottsdale Arts Festival: Scottsdale, AZ March 12 - 14

5) Francisco's Farm Arts Festival at Midway College: Midway, KY June 26-27

6) Kentuck Festival of the Arts: Northport, AL October 16-17

7) Bayou City Art Festival: Houston, TX March 26-28 and October 9-10

8) American Craft Council Show - Baltimore: Baltimore, MD February 24-27, 2011

9) League of NH Craftsmen's Fair: Newbury, NH August 7-15

10) Des Moines Arts Festival: Des Moines, IA June 25-27

Have you been to a Craft Fair or Festival recently? Which one and what interesting things did you find?