Music and Motion - Chime Carillon

In early 1987 I showed my work at the Baltimore ACC show. By chance we were located near Woodstock Percussion and Gary Kvistad. I checked back in my journal to find out exactly what year this took place in and found this quote,

" I got a couple of good ideas at the show. The most interesting is that of trying to make a sculpture using the chime tubes from the booth next to us, Woodstock Percussion. I spent all week listening to them and I thing a nice, gentle "Chime Machine" can be designed."

I spent about a year playing with the idea and in 1988 introduced Chime Carillon. It was a challenging piece. I wanted the mechanism to ring the chime tubes gently and in random arrangements but I also wanted the sculpture to have enough motion to be visually interesting.

I sold out the edition long ago but kept the initial prototype piece up in my studio gallery because it was such a rewarding design challenge and I still like the sounds it makes. It never fails to get a good bit of attention from visitors.