Part 1 - Where do sculpture ideas come from?

I'm often asked where I get my ideas. In the following series of blog posts I'm going to detail a recent experience of recursive inspiration. 
Many years ago I threw some damaged sculpture parts into the wood recycle bin at the Ashford transfer station. Several weeks later we were all amused to find these parts displayed in an artful arrangement on the side of a local barn. Recycled art art!
Two years ago we repainted the outside of the studio. I had some extra Pegasus parts and decided to follow my neighbor's example by painting and attaching them to the front of the building. End of story I thought. 
Jump forward to the summer of 2008. I walked by the painted parts as I had hundreds of times before but this time it occurred to me that this arrangement might make an interesting patterning wheel to use with my "Focus" type mechanism.
I've learned to save good ideas in a way that I'll be reminded of them later. I took a photo of the wall with my trusty iPhone, mailed it to myself, and left it in my mail inbox. This way I keep bumping into the photo when I clean out my inbox. I don't do this all that often so the "bumps" come at random times. I recently discovered the email and photo when I was updating my email notification list for the Falling Water sculpture. That "discovery" started a design sequence that I'm going to detail in the next few posts. They will chronicle the evolution of an idea. Stay tuned!

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